The Wonderlic Personnel Test is a type of intelligence test used by many organizations, such as colleges and corporations, to better understand the problem-solving capabilities of potential students or employees. The Wonderlic assessment is taken during a span of only 12 minutes. During those 12 minutes, test takers must answer 50 multiple choice questions. The highest score a test taker can achieve on the Wonderlic assessment is a 50, meaning they answered all 50 questions correctly. The Wonderlic company says that a score of 20 equates to about a 100 IQ score, or average intelligence.

If you have a job lined up that requires the Wonderlic Test, don’t worry. You can pass the Wonderlic assessment with flying colors if you treat it the same as any difficult test. Practice for the test by using Wonderlic test prep. Wonderlic test tips can also help ease your pre-test jitters.

Wonderlic Test Prep

Prepare for the test the same way you would for any other important test: Develop a Wonderlic test prep regimen. Schedule a little bit of time every day you have between now and your test date. This way, you will learn more over time and you won’t be tempted to cram in studying the day before the test.

Remember to relax. Consider taking as many practice tests as you can or at least one a week in the time you have before the test. Make flashcards to help you study, and if you hit a wall, invite friends over to help you out. When you get more people involved, you can make studying a game, and it will become much easier.

Specific Wonderlic Test Prep

The Wonderlic Test contains both verbal and analytical questions. To increase your chances of a good score, read books and articles to flex your reading muscles. This is especially important if you haven’t used them in a while.

Since there are math questions on the Wonderlic Test, too, you will need to brush up on your math skills. Take a math pre-test to see where you stand. A pre-test can help you pinpoint your areas of weakness.

Focus your studying time on the areas that you need the most, but don’t neglect other areas entirely. Go for the holistic approach, and study everything as time allows.

Wonderlic Test Tips

Wonderlic Test tips will help you with any kind of standardized test. But since the Wonderlic test is very short, test strategy will be key.

Come into the test energized and well-rested. Don’t stress too much beforehand, because if you don’t sleep well and eat right, you might be off your game when test time rolls around.

Watch the time. The Wonderlic Test will go by in a blink. So be cognizant of how much time you use on each question. If you get stuck on a question, skip it and go back later if time allows.

Answer every question. Even if you’re just guessing for some of them, you’re much more likely to get that question right than if you do not answer at all.

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