How to Study for a Marketing Exam. Taking a marketing exam can be stressful for anyone, but having good study habits is the key to success. Here are some steps to help you study for a marketing exam.

Use time wisely. Make a study schedule that you can adhere to daily. If you space out your study time, then you will retain more information and be able to recall the information on your marketing exam.

Take good notes in class. Attend class often and take detailed notes. Lecture notes are vital when you study for your marketing exam. Professors often use class time to discuss and explain concepts that are not in your textbooks.

Pay attention. Marketing is all around you. You can find it in magazines, bill boards and commercials. Analyze what works from what doesn't in the ads you observe.

Read your textbook. If your professor takes the time to tell you to read something, then read it. You never know where an exam question is going to come from. Also, visit the website of the textbook publishing company. Most sites have quizzes and study guides you can use to help you study for your marketing exam.

Practice. Create your own marketing campaign with concepts you learn in class. This will help you get a better understanding of the marketing concepts as well as prepare you for the exam.

Find a quiet place to study. Crowed noisy places can be distracting and you will not be able to get much studying done. Experiment with different places until you find the one that works for you. Also get a back-up study place in case you need to change things up or your first choice is already occupied.

Join a study group. Your fellow students are in the same position as you. Ask students in your class if they want to get together to study. Make sure your group studies common marketing concepts discussed in class.

Ask your professor questions. Your professor is your best resource if you are unsure or do not understand something in class. They have office hours for a reason. Do not wait the day before your marketing exam to bombard your professor with a lot of questions.


Eat a healthy meal before your exam. Get plenty of sleep the night before your exam.

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