Accounting can be an easy subject but it takes practice and studying to pass an Accounting exam. Working steadily throughout the course will prepare you for the exam. If you try to cram at the end you won't do as well. You need your books and all the practice materials to study for the exam. Preparation is the key to passing.

Find out what the exam will be on. Your professor can enlighten you but you should know from the subject material that you have been covering. Some teachers give a test preparation class; make sure you attend.

Review all the material that you have covered in the course. This can be lengthy but if you have been working with the material it shouldn't take that long. Sometimes your instructor will pass out information sheets which include specific areas for you to concentrate on.

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Set up a study team. If you work with other members of your class to review the material you will be better prepared for any questions that may be asked.

Ask questions if there is any material that you are not sure of. Approach your professor or ask another student in the class.

Answer questions the of others who are having difficulty. The best part about this is while you are answering questions you are learning too so this is a great tool to use as often as possible.

Make sure you are prepared the day of the exam. If you need to bring certain items to the exam make sure you do. Some accounting exams are open book; make sure you have your text if you are allowed to use it.


  • Work throughout the semester and understand the material as you go, this will make last minute cramming unnecessary.
  • Be prepared the day of the exam.

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