According to a January, 2009, article by Vanessa O'Connell, in the "Wall Street Journal," many retailers have largely automated the hiring process with online personality tests, such as the Unicru Assessment Test. The 130-question, automated personality test given online determines whether an interview is given to an applicant. By carefully evaluating how your answers will convey the proper message to your potential employer, you can pass the test and snag that interview for the job you desire.

Evaluate each question carefully. Though a question may seem innocent on the surface, this psychological test looks for certain types of employees. According to a January, 2002, article by Alison Overholt in "Fast Company," as an artificial intelligence program, the Unicru test looks for employees who will excel in management, customer service, salesmanship, and dependability. Consider how your answers will portray you in your best light looking at these desired employee qualities. Answering statements like: "you do things carefully so you don't make mistakes" with "strongly agree" would demonstrate the personality of a thoughtful, diligent employee.

Answer questions as if in an interview with management. Put your best self forward when thinking of how to answer questions. Questions related to tardiness or absence from high school and previous employers, for instance, you would want to answer in a way that will demonstrate you as a punctual person, always on time and rarely absent from work. According to a March, 2006, article in "Workforce Management," the Unicru test weeds out quitters and delinquents before they're hired. Questions like "you missed very few days of high school" would require a "strongly agree" to show you as a dependable potential employee.

Select "strongly agree" for questions that indicate that you enjoy the company of others, since this reflects well in relation to your customer service and people skills. Remember, you want to show your best self, someone who regularly interacts with people in social situations and can deal with face -o-face contact. "Strongly disagree" to questions that indicate you as antisocial. For example, answer, "you love to be with people" with a "strongly agree" to demonstrate your people skills, and "people do a lot of annoying things" with "strongly disagree" to show that you enjoy the company of people on the job.

Opt to answer questions about personality, thinking of how they will represent you in the best way. All questions should indicate (usually with "strongly agree") that you keep a cool head in confrontational situations, especially with customers and in general. "Strongly disagree" to questions that indicate you become irritated easily, or have unusual mood swings. Statements such as "you are a friendly person" or "always cheerful" would demonstrate you maintain a friendly demeanor in a work situation, so answer these in the affirmative.

Answer questions as honestly as you can, while still portraying your best personality. The Unicru test gives scores based on a green, yellow, and red scale back to potential employers about how well you performed on the test, in order to proceed to the interview phase, according to the January, 2002, "Fast Company" article. The test indicates if you, as the potential employee, will fit well into the position available. If you are truly not a good fit, this will come out in the interview and later in your job performance.


According to the article by Vanessa O'Connell in the "Wall Street Journal," some retailers allow applicants scoring a yellow or red to retake the test when their initial job application expires, usually in 30 days.


Answer questions in a way that indicate how you will perform on the job, not in your personal life.


Avoid using "cheat sheets" available on the Internet as these may contain false or outdated answers.

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