Sports careers aren't just for athletes, and colleges and universities offer a number of sport-related degree programs that allow you to combine your passion for sports with other talents and vocations. Typically, sport-related degrees combine the general education and program-specific classes of other programs with emphasis on sports.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Sports marketing, entertainment marketing, and sports and entertainment marketing degrees are niche marketing programs that combine typical marketing courses with emphasis on promotional strategies and techniques specific to sports or entertainment. Group ticket sales, theater marketing and courses related to promotions in specific sports are among classes you might take in a sports and entertainment marketing program.


If you aim to coach sports at the youth, high school, college or pro level, a coaching certification or degree makes sense. Coaches at the high school level typically need a statement endorsement, which usually involves taking classes in kinesthetics, first aid and CPR, sports nutrition and coaching leadership. You can also earn coaching degrees or leadership-related degrees with emphasis in coaching that can provide a foundation for a career in coaching at all levels.

Sports Medicine

A degree in sports medicine may be the precursor to a medical degree and a career specializing in diagnosing and treating sport-related injuries. A sports medicine degree also provides the catalyst for a career in sports fitness and training. You may also find degrees specific to sports therapy or training. Some grads also go on to earn doctoral degrees in sports medicine to pursue academic research and teaching opportunities.

Sports Science

One of the broadest sport-related degrees is a Bachelor of Sports Science. This general degree program allows for emphasis in front-office management, venue or arena operations, coaching, fundraising and ethics. This type of degree is a good fit for someone who definitely wants a career in sports, but may need time to figure out which direction to take. Elective classes may be used to feel out the nature of various career options.


In addition to sports-specific programs, many degree programs offer a sports emphasis or the ability to earn a sport-related degree within the field. Sports journalism, sports, broadcasting, sports photography and sports nutrition are all possible degrees that you could find at schools with extensive programs in these fields of study.

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