The National Honor Society, established in 1921, is an organization that aims to recognize high school students who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, service, character and scholarship. The officers elected to run a school's National Honor Society must complete multiple duties throughout the year in addition to speaking at the society's annual induction ceremony, which is designed to welcome new members. National Honor Society officers should be self-disciplined and able to balance school work with society responsibilities.


The president of a high school's National Honor Society is responsible for presiding over the society's general membership meetings each month during the school year as well as overseeing monthly officer meetings. The president must prepare the agenda for meetings and typically provides agenda copies to the club's adviser so that NHS members who cannot attend meetings still are privy to the information discussed. In addition, an NHS president plans and implements fundraisers and community service projects for the group.

Vice President

An NHS vice president must run NHS general and officer meetings if the president is absent. The vice president also typically puts together a written or video announcement reminding students of upcoming meetings. In addition, he sends emails reminding NHS members about society fundraisers and community activities organized by teachers or members of the community.


Preparing sign-in sheets and making them available at monthly meetings is a chief responsibility of an NHS secretary. The officer then record NHS members' meeting attendance in a spreadsheet and provide an updated spreadsheet to the club's adviser shortly after the monthly meetings. NHS secretaries constantly update a record binder in which all meeting agendas and attendance sheets are stored. Secretaries help contribute to meeting agendas and take minutes at meetings. They also help plan fundraisers and handle communications for the society, which might include sending thank-you notes to other organizations.


The treasurer of a school's NHS must count all money during the society's fundraising events and report all of the group's money to the high school's treasurer. The treasurer additionally collects member dues and maintains a record of dues paid by students using a spreadsheet. In addition, he must obtain change needed for fundraising events and purchase items required for community service projects. Treasurers should help NHS secretaries complete attendance and minutes responsibilities when necessary as well.

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