If you want to learn about the literature of the Bible, church history and religious philosophies you may want to major in theology. A theology major can lead to a number of rewarding careers that involve teaching and ministerial work. There are a number of secular and religious universities across America that offer majors in theology. By learning about some of these schools you can get a good idea about the type of college you want to attend in pursuing theological studies.

Catholic Schools

Marquette University, Notre Dame, Providence College and Saint Louis University all offer theology degrees and majors. Most schools, regardless of denomination, offer theology classes with core courses of various religions and spiritual beliefs. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marquette University teaches theology courses and seminars in Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism, Luther Studies in Catholic Context and Women in theology. Notre Dame offers courses in theology rooted in Catholic principals that reflect six areas: world religions and world church, moral theology, history of Christianity, biblical studies, liturgy and systematic theology.

Baptist Schools

There are Baptist schools all over the country, and each one has its own particular flavor. Anderson University, Louisiana College, Bluefield College, Virginia Intermont College and Williams Baptist College offer theology majors to students interested in biblical studies. Through their Department of Christian Ministries, Williams Baptist College offers a major in theology with courses in biblical theological studies, biblical linguistic studies, Christian education and a number of other courses that educate students in the subject of theology.

Other Denominational Schools

There are schools operated by various faiths that offer theology majors. Cross Country Methodist College, the Evangelical Biola University, Wheaton College and the Seventh-Day Adventist school Andrews University all offer theology majors to students interested in ministerial and biblical studies. Located in Michigan, Andrews University’s theology major fulfills requirements for entrance into their seminary school. But these courses also provide a theological foundation to meet the educational needs of all students regardless of their career goals.

Secular Schools

You don’t have to attend a school rooted in religion to major in theology. There are a variety of public schools that have exceptional professors who teach courses in theology to students majoring in this subject. The University of California Los Angeles’s Center for the Study of Religion offers a variety of courses ranging from Religion in Ancient Israel to Music and Religion. It also offers a number of stimulating seminars and presentations pertinent to the theology major. Other secular schools offering theology majors include the University of Florida and California State University Bakersfield.

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