Anime is a Japanese term for animation. Outside of Japan, the term refers to a specific style of animation that comes out of the country -- not just any animation from Japan. Its style is similar to comic books, which are called manga in Japan. Anime and manga are both usually marked by characters with large eyes, small noses and small mouths and chins. Those who are interested in creating anime can get a scholarship to study animation, and they can use that training to illustrate anime films or television shows.

Organization Scholarships

Some professional organizations offer scholarships for those interested in studying animation. The Midwest Animation Promotion Society offers three $1,000 scholarships for college students. The three scholarships are for the study of Japanese language and literature, illustration and animation, and history and culture. The Animation Career Review offers the "Aspiring Animation Professional" Scholarship, which gives 10 awards of $1,000 each to high-school seniors who want to study animation and digital arts. Students must write an essay and submit a portfolio to apply.

School-Specific Funds

Art and animation schools offer scholarships to use for study at their institutions. The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences offers the Randy Pausch Scholarship Fund for students studying animation, game art or other digital arts. Two scholarships of $2,500 are given out each year. The San Francisco Art Institute offers several scholarship programs that are based on a portfolio of previous work, academic performance and financial need. Students can use any of those scholarships to study animation, and can focus on creating anime while in that program.

Specialty Interest Scholarships

You may be eligible for some scholarships based on fitting into a specialty interest group. For example, if you are a woman who wants to create anime, you may be able to get the Phyllis Craig Scholarship from the group Women In Animation. The scholarship is for $1,000, and includes a membership to the group. Worldstudio offers its AIGA Scholarships to minority students and students from disadvantaged or needy backgrounds. The amount of the award varies each year, depending on the donations received.

Competition Awards

If you already have some skill in animation or illustration, you may be able to win a scholarship. The Society of Illustrators holds an annual Student Scholarship Competition with an animation category. The competition is open to college students, and the award varies by year and category. Lovers of anime may also love Pokemon, which is a Japanese transport. If you're good at the game, you can enter the Pokemon U.S. National Championships for the chance to earn a scholarship. You can use the money to study any program at any qualified university. Awards vary by year.

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