They are idyllic and determined to see that the greater good is served. The Freemasons are a global organization that believes in the benefits of higher education. Each chapter, or lodge, devotes some funds to helping students to meet their goals of graduating from college or a graduate degree program.

Masonic lodge scholarships are available on a city, state, national and lodge level. While they are primarily targeted to the high school and college age children of Masons, some of the scholarships they create are aimed at specific areas of study that the lodge believes needs more attention from premiere students.

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Scholarship

Chapters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry offer financial support and scholarships for local students attending college. Check with your local Scottish Rite Valley to find one in your area. The Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Masonry is the largest Masonic group in the country. There are a few well-known scholarships connected to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

  • Judge Luther A. Smith Rite Scholarship - This scholarship for Vanderbilt University Law School is a tribute to the late judge and Vanderbilt alum who served as Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite for 14 years beginning in 1955. The amount varies each year and is merit-based for future law students.
  • George Washington University Scottish Rite Graduate Fellowship – This is for students who are affiliated with a U.S. Scottish Rite Masonic organization.

Masonic-Range Science Scholarship for Students

High school seniors or students in their freshmen or sophomore year in college can apply for this scholarship by the Society for Range Management and the Masonic-Range Science Scholarship Committee. They must have a plan to major in or already be enrolled in a range science or related college program.

To apply, a student must be sponsored by a member of the Society for Range Management, Soil and Water Conservation Society or a member of the National Association of Conservation Districts. Transcripts from high school, or college if applicable, along with a minimum of two letters of recommendation and SAT or ACT scores should accompany the scholarship application.

Masonic Lodge Scholarship

On a local level, you can find a masonic lodge scholarship in all 50 states. The Masons scholarship application may be different for each lodge so be sure to check eligibility requirements before completing.

  • Masonic Scholarship NY - The amounts vary each year, but more than $500 million has been given to students who show academic achievement, community involvement and financial need over the last 20 plus years.
  • Grand Lodge of Iowa – Offers $2,000 annually to students with an excellent academic record and who show a financial need.
  • Job’s Daughters – Members of a Bethel can apply to this national merit-based scholarship for high school seniors or graduates, vocational students or junior college students.
  • Order of the Rainbow – Women planning on attending an undergraduate accredited college program and show a financial need can apply to the $1,000 scholarship from the California-based lodge.

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the Southern Jurisdiction

There are a few national scholarships offered each year by the Supreme Council, 33, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. These include:

  • Sam and Millie Hilburn Scholarship – The $5,000 scholarship covers college tuition costs for a maximum of two years or upon earning a graduate degree to work in the field of Childhood Language Disorders.
  • Shepherd Scholarship – Each winner of this award receives $2,000 toward college tuition. The number of scholarships that are awarded each year depends on the amount that the Shepherd Scholarship Fund has earned that year.
  • Public School Administration Scholarship – Two scholarships are available for graduates who have completed a master’s degree in an education concentration and who plan to obtain a doctoral degree. Each scholarship offers $15,000 to help professional educators gain their doctorate over a two year period.  

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