Three-dimensional art can be made using different types of artistic mediums, including computers, sculptures, paint, charcoal, pottery, beading and metal works. As with many forms of art, it can often be challenging for an artist to make a living off of earnings from his craft, but there are various grants and scholarships that 3D artists can apply for in order to gain financial assistance. Scholarships offers three scholarships specifically for 3D and textural artists who need financial assistance in art school. These three scholarships consist of one full-ride tuition scholarship, one half-ride tuition scholarship and a quarter-ride tuition allotment. Applicants can be involved in any range of 3D arts, including sculpting, modeling and illustration. The deadline for the scholarships, which are merit-based, is in the summer, with awards every fall.

Ex’pression Scholarship

Ex'pression College for the Digital Arts offers annual Ex'pression Scholarship to artists who demonstrate "a strong potential for a future career in the digital arts industries," which includes those who work in 3D art. To apply, candidates must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA, and submit a short essay, demonstrated financial need, letters of recommendation and original work samples to the committee for review. The committee generally takes one week to review submissions and announce scholarship winners.

James W. Strong 3D Studies Tuition Scholarship

Ohio-based Bowling Green State University offers a James W. Strong 3D Studies Tuition Scholarship each year to an aspiring 3D artist who may need financial help. The award winner is announced every spring, and funds must be allocated toward tuition expenses for the following year. Eligible applicants must have a strong GPA, be registered full-time students for the following year, be majoring in 3D studies and be past their freshman year of college.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council offers a Noosa Regional Gallery Travelling Scholarship to a 3D artist every year. The scholarship, which totals $12,000, must be used toward travel expenses, room and board, living expenses, course fees and art materials to be used during the scholarship period. In addition to the main scholarship, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council also doles out a "highly commended" scholarship and a "people's choice" scholarship, each totaling $2,500.

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