Part of the family of wind instruments, the flute has a universal appeal. Variations of the instrument can be found in the music of numerous cultures, including Japanese, African and Mesoamerican music. It is often part of symphony orchestras, jazz ensembles and folk bands. Unique scholarships are available to finance the music education of flute players.

Summer Program Scholarships

Summer music camps and programs give students the opportunity to meet other aspiring flutists, work with a variety of teachers and dedicate time to their instrument. Tuition, accommodation and travel expenses can be costly, but scholarships are available to help with expenses. For example, the Illinois Valley Flute Ensemble awards scholarships to students of the Opus 111 Music Studio who attend the Summer Flute Retreat at Illinois Valley Community College. As of 2011, tuition for the program is $295, and the scholarship award is $50.

Music Department Scholarships

Many college and university music departments administer their own graduate and undergraduate scholarship programs. In addition to awards that celebrate a general pool of musical talent, some grants are reserved specifically for flutists. The music department at James Madison University in Virginia awards the Jack B. Moore Flute Scholarship to undergraduate and graduate flute students. The scholarship is renewable provided that the student maintains a major in flute. Recipients are recommended for the award by the principal flute teacher and selected by the music scholarship committee.

Local Flute Associations

Local flute and music associations can provide mentoring opportunities as well as serve as a scholarship resource. The Florida Flute Association, for example, awards Emeritus Fund scholarships and Gilbert Study Grants through the Gilbert Memorial Endowment Fund. The Emeritus scholarships are awarded to a select group of exceptional flute students. The Gilbert Study Grants are presented to flute professionals and teachers to pay for continuing education and training programs. Gilbert Grants are awarded as two unique grant opportunities. The Teaching Study Grants are awarded in even years, and Performance Study Grants are given in odd years.

Youth Music Foundations

Foundations that support youth music programs can be a scholarship resource for flutists. Awards can help defray the cost of private lessons or finance a college degree. The Young Musicians Foundation awards scholarships to students between the ages of 9 and 25 who are residents of Southern California. Recipients can utilize the award to pay for private lessons, music camps or festival participation. Included among scholarships awarded is the Susan Greenberg Flute Scholarship. YMF also awards the ASCAP Foundation Leiber & Stoller Music Scholarship to one wind instrument student to help pay for private lessons.

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