Several AAA chapters offer scholarships for high school students. These scholarships can be hosted directly by AAA organizations or in partnership with outside companies. They range in value from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, and they may require essays, letters of recommendation or participation in community service activities or competitions.

J. Theron "Tim" Timmons Scholarship

The AAA Tidewater scholarship was established in 2002 as a tribute to J. Theron "Tim" Timmons, who was the club's managing director from 1934 to 1996. In 1934, the club was facing financial ruin, but Timmons donated money to save it and served for six decades to bring it to financial success. Since he passed away in 2002, the club has awarded $5,000 scholarships to students annually. Applicants must be children of Tidewater AAA chapter members, be graduating high school seniors and have a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. They must also demonstrate need and be admitted or eligible to attend college in Virginia.

Ford-AAA Auto Skills

An auto skills competition for high school students is sponsored annually by Ford Motor Company and AAA. Up to five teams of one instructor and two students can register from each school and compete in a series of rounds in which they must take written exams and display their skills fixing specially bugged cars. Winning teams from each state go on to a national competition, and students winning the national competition receive scholarships and other prizes. The purpose of this scholarship competition is to encourage students who have automotive talents to pursue automotive-related fields.

Ohio School Safety Patrol Grants

In Ohio, high school seniors who were once school safety patrol members can apply for $1,000 grants. Students can apply by getting the forms from their guidance counselors and writing an essay of up to 500 words. Fifteen finalists are chosen based on the application forms, essays and student records. The finalists are given a phone interview; those who are not chosen for one of the 10 $1,000 grants available will receive a $250 grant instead.

AAA Insurance Scholarship for Western and Central New York

Three $1,000 and three $500 scholarships are available for high school seniors in Western and Central New York through the AAA Insurance Scholarship. These scholarships are paid to institutions after the students have enrolled. Students must attend schools in Western and Central New York and plan to attend an institute of higher education in New York. They do not have to be family members of AAA members. They must have a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and take part in extracurricular activities that benefit their community. A 1,000-word essay on a topic listed on the AAA application form and two letters of recommendation are also required.

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