There are only a few ExxonMobil scholarships from which to choose. Competition is fierce and each scholarship has stringent requirements to apply. Doing well in high school, high scores on your ACT and SATs, and an interest in science, mathematics or engineering are some of the basic requirements for the ExxonMobil scholarships. Children of ExxonMobil employees also have a scholarship option, which is obtained in the human resources department.

Obtain all your necessary documentation required to fill out the ExxonMobil scholarship applications. You need ACT or SAT scores, so take the tests early enough to get your results in time to complete your application. These scholarships require letters of recommendation and an essay. Write an essay that highlights your engineering-related achievements and extra-curricular activities related to the scholarship. The ExxonMobil Corporate Scholarship requires a resume.

Complete the applications and attach all the required information to each. African-American students with a major in chemical, civil, electrical or mechanical engineering can apply for the ExxonMobil Corporate Scholarship award online. Students of African-American or Hispanic descent majoring in science, technology, engineering or mathematics can apply for the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Math and Science Scholarships. The SECME/ExxonMobil Scholarships are academic or merit and require the student participated for two years in a SECME program for students and major in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

Wait for your notification in the mail. You'll be informed whether you won the scholarship or not. If you are awarded an ExxonMobil scholarship, follow the instructions to receive your scholarship funds. The SECME award requires a photograph of the recipient for publication.


Read all of the application qualifications for the scholarship in which you're interested. Apply only for the scholarships for which you meet all of the qualifications.


Do not lie or over-exaggerate your qualifications as this will eliminate you from receiving a scholarship. Ensure all the paperwork is submitted on time. Missing deadlines disqualifies you from the scholarship until next year.

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