A nail technician is a licensed professional who has been trained in sanitary nail application, hand care and nail design. Licenses vary by state as far as when to renew, but many individuals choose to take a refresher course either to brush up on their skills for recertification or to expand and perfect their style. Refresher courses can be done at home or in school depending on the needs of the individual. Brushing up is easy once you decide on your method.

Consider your schedule and decide on what type of refresher training will work for you. In most cases there are two types of refresher courses, those offered at a technical school with a nail program and those that can be completed online through a certified organization. If you are currently working and seeing clients during the day, then an at-home refresher might be best for you, but if you need more hands-on attention, consider using a school.

Enroll in your course. If you wish to use a brick-and-mortar school, contact the local community college or technical school to see if they offer a short refresher course. The Chicago Nail School, for example, has a 60-hour refresher course designed to help students enhance their skills or relearn forgotten material after a time away. Contact the school and sign up through their enrollment department. Speak with an adviser to discuss costs, requirements and outcomes. In most cases this type of refresher course will take more time and be more expensive, but you are likely to get more out of it.

Take a Master Nail Technician course if you choose to go the online route. This course uses a series of online videos to help nail techs reevaluate their methods and come up with new ideas. The course costs $100 by itself or $125 with a certificate of completion. The course is entirely online and is offered through Universalclass.com.

Review the course and technical requirements and then click on "Join this Course." Once you are sure you understand the requirements, click on "Yes" and then create an account with Universal Class. At this point you will be directed to a registration page where you can enroll in your course and begin your studies.

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