In today’s fast-paced world, we welcome anything that makes life a little more convenient, including home study courses. Studying from home means being able to learn at your own pace without worrying about a long commute to class or fitting schoolwork into your schedule. There are home study courses available in a multitude of fields, including beauty and cosmetic majors like manicuring and nail art.


Home study nail courses may encompass a variety of skills. Courses for beginners may involve the application and decoration of gel nails, which are easier to apply than acrylics. Other courses may teach students how to work with acrylic and fiberglass nails, how to apply art, or how to become a professional nail technician. There are also home study courses, like those available through Open Study College, that cover complete manicure and pedicure techniques.

Learning Methods

With most home study courses, beginner students are provided with a complete nail kit, practice model hand, training manual and instructive DVD upon enrollment. Students read up on basic skills in the manual and watch their lessons on DVD at their own pace, guided by a personal tutor. The model hand is used to create nail designs, and upon completion of the DVD course students submit the finished nails for grading.


Because home study students work at their own paces and on their own schedules, the time it takes to complete a beginner’s nail course will vary from person to person. However, most schools offer guidelines informing students of the typical course durations, and many courses must be completed within a certain time frame. Cengage Education’s basic nail technician course, for instance, takes approximately 100 hours to complete and lasts a maximum of 18 months.


The successful completion of home study courses for nail technicians and beginning manicurists will not earn you a degree, but often, home study programs offer certificates for students who pass their assessments. Essential Nails, for instance, issues certificates after tracking students’ performances with progress cards to ensure that they have passed. NCC Home Learning follows the same procedure before awarding a Professional Nail Technician Certification, which is nationally recognized within the industry.

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