Learning a new language can be challenging yet interesting for young children. Along with Spanish and French, the Italian language is one of the most popular languages for kids to learn. As a parent or teacher, you can make learning about the Italian language and culture fun with these printable activities for kids.

Learn Days of the Week

Activity Village's website offers printable activities for kids to learn the days of the week in Italian--"I giorni della settimana." A full-size printable poster is available with English days of the week on the left and Italian days of the week on the right. After learning the days in Italian, print out the related word search activity. For a more difficult activity, try a printable crossword puzzle. English days are in the Across and Down columns. Kids must remember the correct Italian word for the English day and place the word in the right place on the puzzle.

Learn Numbers

Italian numbers activities for children also are available on the Activity Village website. A similar Italian numbers printable poster, word search and crossword puzzle are provided to help kids learn "I numeri 1-10," (numbers one to 10) in Italian.

An additional activity is "Join the Dots." Print out the page, and kids must connect the dots from "uno" to "dieci" (one to 10). Once finished, kids can draw a smiley face in the middle of the connected dots.

Color the Italian Flag

Coloring Castle's website provides Italian flag coloring pages. Two formats of the flag printable are available, with or without a color key. Kids must color the blank flag to match the actual Italian flag. The left section of the flag must be colored green and the right section of the flag must be colored red. The middle of the flag can be left uncolored or colored white. After kids finish coloring, teach them about the meaning of the Italian flag colors and the history of the Italian flag.

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