Timberline software helps streamline business processes for real estate management and construction development. Sage University offer Sage Timberline training through several different formats. Users of this software can perform functions such as accounting, estimating, procurement and production management.

Anytime Learning

With anytime learning, you can listen to prerecorded sessions and learn at your own pace. Course material includes a review of materials, learn to teach basic skills and cross-train staff.

Real-Time Learning

Real-time learning is taught online in a classroom environment with an instructor. The structure of this class is similar to traditional classroom instruction. There is live interaction with teachers and other students. You can ask questions and receive answers immediately.

Replay Learning

Replay learning is a series of video and audio recordings from previous live classroom sessions. There is unlimited access to materials for a period of three months. This is to accommodate students' different schedules.

Classroom Training

Classroom training is offered at local learning centers and attendance is required. Courses are taught at Sage-authorized training centers by certified instructors. Live instructors provide classroom discussions and hands-on learning opportunities.

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