Netcare is an organization providing health care services in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Netcare also provides numerous education and training programs. Nursing students receive training at various levels to gain experience in the health care field as they learn. Students' nursing qualifications increase each year as they reach the next level of the program.


Some of Netcare's programs are accredited by the South African Nursing Council, the South African Qualifications Authority, and the Health and Welfare Sector Educational Training Authority. Netcare's instructors are experienced nursing professionals.


Netcare hosts basic nursing and nursing specialty programs. HIV clinical management and infection control are some of the available courses. Learners participate in clinicals and gain workplace experience in the nursing programs.


Netcare offers post-basic specialty programs in child nursing, maternity nursing and neonatal ICU nursing. The specialty programs are in-service certificate programs. Learners are provided with the knowledge and skill to provide patient care in trauma and emergency nursing, as well as operating room nursing.

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