Tagalog is the official language of 22 million Filipinos. The language has been in existence since the 15th century and is as widely spoken as English in the Philippines. Tagalog is derived from a mixture of Malay, Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese and English and is widely spoken in the United States. Learning the Tagalog language is fun and free when done on the Internet, and it can be done at your own pace in your free time.

Learn Tagalog for free at Viloria (see the Resources section). The site teaches many aspects of the Tagalog language and a selection of Philippine cultural topics.

Use the website 101languages as a starting point to learn Tagalog (see Resources). It includes translations, consonants, vowels, time, numbers and adjectives, as well as a Tagalog news feed. There is a wide array of lessons and links pertaining to the Philippine culture. 101languages provides a solid educational knowledge base for anyone who wants to learn Tagalog.

Try the site BeforeYouKnowIt (see Resources). The site has interactive software, including voice and flash cards available for free download. Learn at your own pace and get acquainted with Tagalog. Learn how to ask questions in restaurants, on public transport and from a tourist's point of view.

Introduce yourself to basic Tagalog by studying at Digitaldialects.com. Simply click on the links and away you go. Learn colors, animals, numbers, greetings and three levels of vocabulary exercises.

Refer to the Tagalog-English dictionary at tagalog-dictionary.com. The site has riddles, short stories, idioms and proverbs to entertain and occupy your time.

Learn basic Tagalog free at mindpicnic.com. Flash cards will help you learn your first basic words in Tagalog. Sign up for free.


Combine your learning activities at multiple sites for a solid grasp at all aspects of the Tagalog language.

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