Because of its variety of cultures and artistic heritage, Europe is often a valuable location for students to go to photography school. Students are able to receive a comprehensive foundation in photography in addition to the opportunity to travel and practice photography in a variety of different environments.

The Darkroom Florence

The Darkroom is the photography and multimedia department out of the school Centro Italiano Firenze. It is an international program, designed to prepare photography students of all ages and levels of experience to further their knowledge in the subject. The school includes an eight-week standard professional course and a variety of short courses. Topics covered in the standard course include digital photography, architectural photography, fashion photography, video production and web design. Although knowledge of Italian is not necessary, these courses may be combined with an Italian-language course for further proficiency.

Istituto Europeo Di Design

The European Master of Fine Art Photography program is a graduate program out of the Istituto Europeo Di Design, or IED. The program's main focus is the unique conceptual and creative identity that exists in Europe. It also places great importance on the production of the personal artistic project, where students work closely with experienced faculty. The faculty includes masters (major photographers in the European artistic scene); professors (academic specialists); and tutors (developing artists and academics). The 11-month program is specifically for international students and is taught in English.


Gobelins, a school of visual communication in Paris, France, has a world-renowned photography program with image acquisition and post-production options. The full-time course is taught exclusively in French. The first two years, all students take the same course work, including history of art and photography, study of light and composition, film print and image aesthetics. The student's third year course work depends on his or her second-year results and choice of specialization. Students who graduate from Gobelins have career opportunities in fields such as photography, retouching and digital image creation.

Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

The master's degree program in photography at Aalto is a two-year, full-time program located in Helsinki, Finland, a location famous for its design innovation. Courses are taught in Finnish, Swedish and English, and focus on vocational, artistic and research topics. Teaching methods include workshops, study projects, lectures and seminars. The school has many successful alumni, including the internationally famous designer Kaj Franck. There is no tuition fee for this program, and only 10 students are admitted each year.

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