The ACCUPLACER test gives college-placement officials important information about the math, reading and writing skills of incoming freshmen.The results of the test actually will help you and your academic adviser choose the classes that are most appropriate for your skill level. You can contact your school’s counseling office to make an appointment for testing. Doing well on the test requires persistence and hours of review.

Rest Up and Come Early

One way to "beat" the ACCUPLACER test is to get enough rest the night before the test. Strive to get eight hours of sleep, which will help you focus during the test. Set an alarm and a back-up alarm so you do not oversleep. Be sure to eat well before taking the test so that you can concentrate. Eat protein and not foods that have a lot of sugar, since protein will give you sustained energy.

A second way to beat the ACCUPLACER is to get to the testing site early. Show up at least fifteen minutes before the test starts, which will give you time to use the bathroom and gather your thoughts. Also, bring picture identification with you.

Understand the Test and Pay Attention

You also can beat the ACCUPLACER test by understanding how the test works. For example, note that the test chooses questions for you based on your answers to previous questions. As a result, plan to answer every question. When answering multiple-choice questions, eliminate two incorrect answers. Then focus on the two remaining options to determine the right answer.

A fourth tip for beating the ACCUPLACER is to pay attention to detail during the exam. Make sure you understand all of the directions before you begin.

Practice and Know What's Coming

Practicing sample questions is a fifth way to ace the ACCUPLACER test. Review basic concepts in algebra, trigonometry, grammar and reading before the test. If you have been out of school for more than a year, visit the Scholastic Aptitude Test’s preparation center to find SAT review books, which also can prepare you for the ACCUPLACER. Visit to find sample ACCUPLACER test questions as well.

Sixth, you can read information on about what each ACCUPLACER test portion covers to prepare you for what you will see on test day.

Don't Cheat and Be Prepared

A seventh way to beat the ACCUPLACER test is to keep your eyes on your own test. If you get help from or give help to another person while taking the test, you will not be allowed to continue the test, and your potential college will disregard the test score or even disqualify you from attending.

Also, check with the testing site to see if you are allowed to bring calculators, protractors, textbooks, notebook or dictionaries with you on test day.

Relax and Take Your Time

A ninth way you can beat the ACCUPLACER test is to simply relax. Note that this test is not a “pass” or “fail” test but rather is designed to help you succeed in college.

The final step you can take to succeed on the ACCUPLACER is to take your time and pace yourself. The multiple-choice portions are not timed, while the essay test could be timed or untimed. Either way, if you have sufficiently prepared for the test, you will have enough time to take your time.

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