Some nursing programs require applicants to take the TEAS, or Test of Academic Skills, as a requirement for applying to the program. The test covers subjects such as science, math, reading and comprehension, according to the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center. Another section covers English, so if you struggle with grammar and other areas of English, knowing how to improve your skills and study properly will help you improve your score on this section.

General Test Info

To begin preparation, get to know the general information about the test. The TEAS is computerized, and each section asks you multiple-choice questions. In general, the English section will cover the areas of punctuation and general grammar, such as verb tenses and sentence structure. You will also have questions on vocabulary words and proper spelling. The English section gives you 55 questions and allots 65 minutes for you to complete them.

To gain insight on the test itself, ask current or past nursing students to describe the TEAS to you. They can give you ideas about questions on the test and offer advice based on their experiences.

Review Material

Start preparing for the test as early as possible, warns Central Ohio Technical College. This allows you to study and focus on the areas that challenge you the most. Some students choose to purchase a TEAS guide book that walks you through the study process for each section. However, you do not need a special guide to prepare. You can use online grammar sites that will help you review basic grammar. For instance, you can learn about the parts of a sentence or the proper way to use semicolons. Some sites may also have quizzes you can take, such as where to insert commas, to see how well you understand the material. You can also borrow grammar books from your local library to help you study. Many websites and books can also help you build your vocabulary and help you work on improving your spelling.

Form a Study Group

You may know other students who plan on taking the TEAS, so you should form a study group to help one another. Write out sentences for one another, leaving out punctuation or making other grammatical or spelling errors. Then have fellow group members make the corrections. You may also want to make flashcards for a variety of vocabulary words and spend time asking one another to identify the meaning.

During the Test

As you take the test, make sure you read the questions carefully since some questions may have a trick to determining the correct answer. For example, if the question involves synonyms, two words that mean the same thing, the possible answers listed may all look similar, and if you read through them quickly, you may miss a difference in spelling or other subtle difference to a correct and incorrect answer, explains Central Ohio Technical College. As well, when looking at possible answers, cross out the ones you know are not right; this will help you focus your attention on finding the correct answer.

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