Information technology refers to computer technology, software and systems used for processing and storing data. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is an information technology management framework for businesses throughout the world. ITIL originates from the United Kingdom and is used by multinational corporations, such as IBM and Disney. ITIL offers a Foundation certificate in IT service management, which certifies that a person has acquired knowledge of ITIL structure, concepts, terminology and principles for service management. Candidates for the ITIL V3 Foundation certificate can pass the exam by diligently studying the material covered in the test.

Visit the official ITIL website ( Access the "Qualifications" section and click on "ITIL Foundation."

Download the ITIL Foundation syllabus, which is available in PDF form.

Review the syllabus to learn the concepts and practices required to pass the Foundation exam. These include service management as a practice, generic concepts and definitions, technology and architecture and competence and training.

Familiarize yourself with the exam format by reviewing the syllabus. The Foundation exam has 40 multiple choice questions. You are given 60 minutes to complete the exam. A passing score is 65 percent or 26 correct answers. The test is available online or in paper format.

Buy an ITIL V3 Foundation exam study guide. The official ITIL study book is called "Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam — The Official Study Aid Book," which is available at bookstores and online retailers.

Focus on concepts and practices in the study guide that are unfamiliar to you.

Take a sample exam to determine your strong and weak areas. Concentrate primarily on the questions you got wrong. Study guides tend to have only one or two exams. However, you can access free test questions on the Internet or buy a test guide that focuses solely on exam questions and answers, such as "ITIL V3 Exam Prep Questions, Answers and Explanations" by Christopher Scordo.

Finalize your preparation by taking another practice exam. Once you consistently achieve 70 percent scores, you are ready to take and pass the V3 Foundation exam.

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