The Edmark Reading Program is designed for students who struggle with traditional, phonics-based reading programs. Students with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and hearing impairments benefit from the program's whole-word approach. It can also help English language learners improve their vocabulary and English word recognition. The approach incorporates a lot of repetition and positive reinforcement.

Follow the order. Both the printed and computer versions follow a proscribed set of lessons that must be completed in order. Lessons build upon one another, and words are reviewed every 10 lessons.

Complete the pre-reading lessons first. These lessons teach left-to-right tracking, visual discrimination and other skills needed for successful reading.

Teach the word-recognition lessons next. The first 60 lessons teach one word per lesson; the following lessons teach two per day. The program's level one teaches 150 words; level two teaches 200 more words.

Teach all aspects of each lesson. Use the frames to help your student identify the word and the direction card to learn the meaning. The story book lesson helps with reading the word and comprehension. The picture/phrase card lesson reinforces meaning, reading fluency and comprehension.

Give the before and after tests to assess learning; record the student's performance. The tests are included in the program.


There are supplemental materials that include worksheets, bingo and spelling coordinated with the Edmark lessons.


Do not forget that this program can be used as extra reinforcement for a student struggling with reading or can be used as the sole reading program.

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