The Academic Intervention Services, or AIS, program implemented in New York state aims to provide assistance to students who are experiencing difficulty in language arts, math, science and social studies courses. AIS instructors work with qualifying kindergarten through 12th grade students individually and in focused classes during the school day, before school or after school. These teachers must possess appropriate teacher certifications to work in the AIS program.

AIS Teacher Requirements and Duties

Certification requirements for AIS teachers follow state guidelines for all public school teachers. For instance, an elementary school AIS math teacher must hold teacher certification in elementary school math. Special education students receive assistance from special education instructors. However, special education teachers may work with other students, as well. AIS teachers may need to have advanced education and practical experience, specifically experience working with children who have fallen behind grade level. Teachers with reading or literacy training are particularly sought after. These teachers may work within various other classrooms, collaborating with other teachers and assessing and tutoring students individually. They also may teach students in separate classrooms.

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