The A Beka curriculum consists of educational material produced by the A Beka Book publishing company. Located in Pensacola, Florida, it is associated with the Pensacola Christian Academy.


A Beka curriculum is produced in several different formats. There is the paper copy with regular textbooks, along with work books and guides. In addition the curriculum is available in multi-media formats through DVDs and online access.


A Beka Book educational material was developed based on research of traditional educational applications and the experience of the developers. This is a Biblical based curriculum, designed primarily for use in home-schooling.


The curriculum produced by A Beka Book starts at the preschool school level and goes all the way through the twelfth grade. The subjects are covered through a workbook approach and include: phonics, reading, penmanship, math, science (including laboratory), language arts, history, and foreign languages (starting with seventh grade).

Lessons plans for the curriculum cover daily activities for a year. These are set up to correspond with the A Beka curriculum.

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