Solid organization skills are a key to success in college. College students have many things to juggle, many of which cannot be overlooked or forgotten due to mismanagement or disorganization. Get the important work done in a timely fashion by getting and staying organized.

Make a Schedule

As much as possible, orchestrate and organize your days so that they are predictable and scheduled. Get up at the same time and go to bed at the same time every day. Class time comes first, obviously, and must be prioritized on a daily basis. If you are employed and have scheduled shifts, this work will need to be scheduled around class times. If possible, schedule study times at a certain time every day. Schedule exercise and personal activities at roughly the same time of day. With a schedule comes predictability and with predictability comes productivity. When you adapt to a schedule that works, your life will be organized and productive.

Keep a Calendar

When you receive course outlines and other information at the beginning of a semester, read through everything so that you can be prepared. After you are aware of all of the work that will be required for each course, write the assignment due dates on a calendar. Consider making a plan for accomplishing assignments by adding incremental goals prior to due dates so that you can be working on the assignments according to a plan. For example, if a term paper is due at the end of a certain month, make a goal of having a rough draft done by the middle of the month.

Use your calendar every day by recording assignments and readings that must be finished. Prioritize the assignments in order of importance and check off the work as you finish it.

Record quizzes, tests and exams on your calendar as well.

Create a Work Area

Create a neat and distraction-free place to work and study. Keep assignments neatly organized and file papers using a system that enables you to find anything and everything you need. Have reference books nearby that you regularly use. Control clutter and keep free an area of your desk where you can work productively to complete assignments.

Minimize noise in your work area. Try not to have television, music and other noise that might make it hard to concentrate. The goal is to use your time effectively, get your work done in a timely fashion and learn the information.

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