Have You ever wanted to attend an Ivy League College? Like M.I.T, Stanford, Yale, Berkeley, Princeton? Or are you just a little curious about what goes on in side? Now you can be like the fly on the wall and attend the School of your dreams! Add a little spice to your Resume By attending one of over a thousand Open Online Courses At: ACADEMIC EARTH! I will tell you how I did it! This is a Non Credit, self study course which is Free to the public. You can take the class at your leisure. If you want to receive College Credits, I will give you information on testing by the C.L.E.P , D.S.S.T , I.B.O and other Examination Program in your area!

The first thing you do is go to: http://www.academicearth.org/ Log in by creating an I.D. for yourself and a pass word. Look over the long list of courses to choose from and the outstanding list of professors that are a big part of the open internet course study.

Read over the open courses ware terms of use: Each school have provided for you, if you agree to the terms then you can choose a class, by looking over the field of study and the course description. Reasons for taking the class may very, some people my choose to take a class for personal development reasons or perhaps you need to gain knowledge in a certain area in the profession that you are in. To add it to your Resume for advancing in your present job. Maybe you are starting over and want to become a Teacher or Study Business! Which ever the case, Now is a good time to start! So let's start at the top! It's your choice now. So whether it's High School, College Courses, Improving Or Learning A New Language At U.S.U And ACADEMIC EARTH It's Home Schooling At It's Finest!

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Information about books are given out but most materials are given to you in the form of a download. So really there is nothing to buy! Except a note book to keep them in, they will become valuable to you as you go on in your studies. At Academic Earth The Professor makes copies of almost everything you need, the Syllabus, Course Outline, additional information on Exams can be downloaded! They even Offer Pod Cast for your convenience!

Some of the courses that are offered at Academic Earth Are Religion, Biology, Economics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Law, Mathematics, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Medicine Just To Name A Few! I always had a passion for Psychology! I attended Penn State well over ten Years ago and Now I am getting back on track with the help of Academic Earth I'm Learning again! Learn a Foreign Language at: The Univ. For World Class Professionals! http://www.realfrench.net/index.php

How to Obtain Credit! Don't worry, your labor with Academic Earth is not in vain! You can receive credit! You can locate local Programs in your area like: The C.L.E.P Exam - College-Level Examination Program D.S.S.T Exam - DANTES Standardized Subject Tests I.B.O Exam - International Baccalaureate Organization Credit by Advanced Course work (language credits) * Credit by Departmental Examination You can find out more about receiving credit by visiting Utah State Open Course Studies! - http://ocw.usu.edu/

For additional information and more class options: High School and College Level Courses In many Different Languages. Go To: Utah State Open Course Ware - http://ocw.usu.edu/ For more information about getting USU credit by examination, see the Credit By Examination entry in the 2007-2009 General Catalog.

Things Needed

  • Computer
  • Internet Server
  • Note Books
  • Dedication

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