Morris Brown College is a historically black college located in the suburbs of Atlanta. Although it was once a competitive school, it lost its accreditation in 2003, and since then has faced financial struggles, including a looming foreclosure. Students considering Morris Brown should check the most recent information on the school's financial status to ensure they'll be able to complete their degrees.


Morris Brown is a private religious college founded on the principles of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. However, it accepts students without regard to their religion. Similarly, students of all races and nationalities are allowed to apply to Morris Brown, but the school remains overwhelmingly black. The school is coeducational, offering admission to both men and women.

Grades and Tests

Students have to submit their complete high school transcripts as well as results of either the ACT or SAT to be considered for admission. Students must also complete at least 13 Carnegie Units -- basic core curriculum classes -- during high school to be eligible for admission, and 12 of the units must be in English, math, or natural and social sciences. Your GPA weighs heavily in admission decisions. The average GPA for incoming freshmen at Morris Brown is 2.63.

Admissions Packet

Your admissions packet contains a personal essay and two letters of recommendation from a teacher, employer or religious leader. You'll also need to send a copy of your birth certificate and social security cards, a signed application statement and a non-refundable $30 application fee. For incoming freshmen, the application deadline for the fall semester is May 1, though students seeking early decision admission need to apply by November 1.

College Curriculum

After you enroll at Morris Brown, your curriculum will depend on your major, and you'll have to complete all major classes before you can graduate. You have to declare your major by the end of your sophomore year. The core curriculum at Morris Brown mandates 12 hours of communication skills, 6 hours of general requirements, 6 hours of humanities, 15 hours of math and natural sciences and 9 hours of social sciences.

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