Most all teens go through moodiness or rebellion as a natural part of the development process. However, when teens turn to violent behavior, drug use or other at-risk activities, parents sometimes turn to special camps for troubled teens for assistance. Georgia plays host to a number of summer camps for at-risk youth. These camps in the Peach State help to correct attitudes, improve self esteem and instill responsibility in the teens they serve.

Youth Villages Program

Located just west of the city of Atlanta, the Youth Villages Inner Harbour Campus offers therapeutic services for at-risk and troubled teens in an educational and challenging environment. Youth Villages Inner Harbour, situated in a wooded setting, surrounded by lakes and the peacefulness of nature, provides structure and guidance to teens and young adults with a history of violence, depression or drug addiction. In addition to Youth Villages Inner Harbour 's residential program, the organization provides summer program activities such as outdoor challenges, survival training and physical fitness programs, designed to instill a sense of accomplishment and self esteem. Campers also benefit from individual and group counseling offered through trained professionals in the fields of adolescent psychology. While admission rates vary based on need and individual circumstance, the typical cost to participate in the Youth Villages Summer Program averaged $90 per day as of September, 2010.

Youth Villages Inner Harbour Campus 4685 Dorsett Shoals Road Douglasville, GA 30135 770-852-6333

Fort Gordon Academy

Fort Gordon Youth Challenge Academy, located just outside Augusta, Georgia, operates through the National Guard's Youth Challenge Program and provides educational and behavioral redirection for youth between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age. Fort Gordon Academy provides a camp-based program, designed to help at risk youth to complete their educational goals and correct behavioral issues such as aggressiveness, violence, criminal behavior and drug use, which generally begins in March and runs through the end of summer each year. Campers participate in physically and mentally challenging activities that help to promote team work and a sense of accomplishment and to instill a sense of respect for themselves and others. Upon successful completion of the program, which typically occurs in August, campers receive a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) and a Youth Challenge Academy Diploma. As of September, 2010, the Fort Gordon Youth Challenge Academy operated through state funding with no costs to campers or their families to apply or participate in the program, with the exception of a $75 fee to cover the costs of graduation.

Fort Gordon Youth Challenge Academy PO Box 7620 Fort Gordon, Georgia 30905 706-823-8000

Fort Stewart Academy

Fort Stewart's Youth Challenge Academy provides services to unemployed, high school drop-outs between the ages of 16 and 18, not experiencing issues with drugs or criminal behavior. The academy works as a preventative program for at-risk youth, rather than a remedial program and exists as a division of the U.S. National Guard. Fort Stewart Academy's summer camp based program teaches living skills, helps improve behavior and self esteem and lasts for a period of around 5 months, typically beginning in mid-July of each summer. Campers participate in physical challenges, designed to develop a respect for team work as well as individual accomplishment. As of September, 2010, the Fort Stewart' Youth Challenge Academy operated through state funding, with no costs to the camper to participate, with the exception of a $100 fee, which covers the costs of testing.

Youth Challenge Academy - Fort Stewart 1 Niles Ave Fort Stewart, GA 31315 912- 767-2666‎

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