A PhD, also called a doctorate degree, is considered to be a terminal degree in a field. You can get a PhD in English, science, the arts and many other subjects. If you don't want to get your PhD from a university that you attend, you can do one of the hundreds of online PhD programs. These will allow you to work at your own rate, and you'll graduate with your PhD.

Capella University

Schools that have many PhD programs allow thousands of students all around the country, or the world, to get a degree at the same time. Capella University online offers more than 50 PhD degrees, in anything from business to education to science. Some of the more popular PhD degrees at Capella University include the PhD in business education, which has more than 500 students each semester, all over the world. A PhD from Capella University functions the same way as any other PhD. The school uses a mixture of online chat rooms, email programs, and distance correspondence to finish a degree program.

Capella University Capella Tower 225 South 6th Street, 9th Floor Minneapolis, MN 55402 (888) 227-2736 capella.edu

University of the Rockies

Some online schools only have a few Phd Degrees. These include the University of the Rockies, online, which has more than 10 PhD Programs, like Business Psychology and Consulting. The Consulting PhD is highly popular because it allows students to choose a particular area of consulting in which to specialize. PhD students can specialize in business consulting, educational consulting, or even real estate consulting. Classes are done only online, through email correspondence and through chat rooms and online course classrooms.

University of the Rockies 555 East Pikes Peak Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3612 (877) 442-0505 rockies.edu/online/

Jones International University

Jones International offers PhD programs in business administration and educational specialists. The Business Administration degree is a four year degree in which students focus on the finer points of business administration, including how to handle large and small businesses, and budgeting relationships. The Educational PhD programs include specialization in special education as well as elementary education, and a PhD in distance education as well.

Jones International University 9697 East Mineral Avenue Centennial, Colorado 80112 (800) 811-5663 jiu.edu

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