The best law schools in France do not have great international recognition. In France the law schools are not independent, as is the case in other countries. The law schools are adjoined to a university, which offers a variety of subjects for their students to study, as opposed to operating as an independent institution which specializes exclusively in legal studies. The majority of courses in French law schools concern French law, which in turn concerns European Union law.

Universite Paris I Pantheon - Sorbonne Law School

A department within the Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, the Sorbonne Law School is the most prestigious French school for legal studies. Known in France as the Ecole de Droit de la Sorbonne, the institution is based in Paris. The university is the biggest in France. The law school has formal connections with Kings College London, the University of Cologne, Columbia University and Cornell University. It is considered to have the 36th most popular Masters Law course according to the Masters of Law, the LL.M, guide. All courses are instructed in French.

Universite Paris 1 - Pantheon-Sorbonne 9, rue Malher 75004 Paris France 00-33-1-44-78-33

Universite Pantheon-Assas Paris II - Pantheon Assa University

Informally known as Paris deux, the University offers a variety of subjects but a large number of its students study law. It is located in the Latin quarter of Paris, next to its sister university the Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne. The university has 24 research centers and five doctoral schools. There are 1,630 teachers and over 8,000 graduates every year. All of the universities courses are either in French or English.

Universite Paris II - Pantheon Assas Institut de droit 28 rue Saint-Guillaume 75007 Paris France 01-44-41-57-00

Universite Jean Moulin Lyon III

Proud of its history, the university has educated lawyers since 1875. The Universite Jean Moulin III offers a wide variety of courses, including European Business Law and International Law. It is located right in the centre of Lyon, the second biggest city in France. The university has partnerships with a number of other institutions in Europe, including the University of Helsinki, the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, the University of Bologna, the University of Barcelona and the Moscow State Law Academy. The Doctoral School of Law at the university encourages P.hD. students and teachers to contribute to its research programs.

Ecole Doctorale de Droit 15 quai Claude Bernard 69007 Lyon France

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