With every passing year, college tuition gets more expensive. Scholarships can be an effective way of easing the financial burden students face. The Internet has made it possible for students to search comprehensively for scholarships that fit their needs, qualifications and strengths. A number of websites cover a wide range of scholarships that are geared toward high-achieving and average students, students in financial need, non-traditional students, minority students, international students, undergraduate and graduate students, and students pursuing specific majors and career paths. All of these websites are free.


Scholarships.com has a database of more than 2.7 million scholarships and grants worth more than $19 billion dollars. The website also includes information on financial aid, plus a college search feature that allows students to search for schools based on criteria including cost and location. Scholarships.com does require users to register.


ScholarshipExperts.com lists 2.4 million scholarships totaling more than $14 billion dollars. It includes scholarships for college freshmen through graduate students, some of which are state-specific and some of which are national or international. The website does require users to register.

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The U.S. Department of Education sponsors this website, which allows users to search for scholarships, learn more about financial aid, use a college-finder tool, and discover which careers are most in demand. The scholarship and financial aid search feature shows deadlines for filing financial aid applications for selected colleges and estimated tuition. Users must register to use these features.


CollegeScholarships.org allows users to search for scholarships by type or by means of a search field. The website also offers information about grants and U.S. federal aid. No registration is required to use this site.


This website contains more than 2,000 international scholarships. Some are for Americans studying abroad and many are open to students worldwide. The list is searchable and no registration is required.

School-Specific Scholarships

Almost every university has a website devoted to listing scholarships specifically for its own students. Usually, this list can be located by finding the "financial aid" section of the website. Often, such websites will have a link titled "Types of Financial Aid," which usually includes a "scholarships" list. Finding your school's scholarship list can benefit your search because you are competing only with other students at your school, not the applicants of the entire state, nation or world. If you can't find the list online, call your school's financial aid office.

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