Divorce wreaks havoc on the family in many different ways. For children, there are many emotional and social issues to face. On top of that, the financial devastation that often occurs through divorce can leave kids wondering if they can afford the high tuition costs of a college education. Fortunately there are resources available to this specific demographic.

Raise the Nation Scholarship

There are non-profits specializing in helping single parents meet the demands of raising children alone. As part of this dedication, some organizations offer scholarship programs to the children of single parents. Raise the Nation is one such organization. To qualify for this scholarship, a student must have a single mother who claims them as a dependent on their taxes. Students must be enrolled in a post secondary school and be under 24 years of age.To learn more about this scholarship, go to RaisetheNation.org.

Hope Scholarship

The Hope Scholarship is the result of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 and the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 designed to make education more accessible to students of moderate incomes. Children of divorce can use this scholarship for the first two years of enrollment at post-secondary schools. Students can get up to $1,500 per year that pays tuition and fees. Students must be enrolled at least on a half-time basis to qualify for the loan.

The Advantage Scholarship

The Advantage Scholarship was created to support single parent families who have high-achieving children. It focuses on students with high-academic achievement who are accepted at the University of North Carolina. These scholarships are privately funded through university endowments that seek to help children who would otherwise not be able to attend an accredited university. By taking away the "how will I pay for college," students do not need to work as many hours while in school and can focus on taking advantage of the educational resources available. Contact the Student Aid Department at UNC.edu for more information.

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