Universities in all ten Canadian provinces offer Ph.D. programs. While the vast majority of Ph.D. programs are taught in English, French-speaking students interested in doctoral-level study will find schools in New Brunswick, Ontario and Québec that provide Ph.D. programs taught in French.


Three universities in the province of Alberta offer Ph.D. degrees: University of Alberta, University of Calgary and the University of Lethbridge. Each university provides students with a wide range of Ph.D. options, all of which are taught in English.

British Columbia

In British Columbia, four universities offer Ph.D. degrees ranging from animal science to zoology: The University of British Columbia, University of Northern British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and University of Victoria. All Ph.D. degrees at British Columbia's universities are offered in English.


The University of Manitoba's Ph.D. programs include such fields as biosystems engineering, physics and statistics. All programs are taught in English.

New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick has two universities offering Ph.D. degrees: Université de Moncton and University of New Brunswick. The Université de Moncton's degree programs are in French, while the University of New Brunswick teaches its Ph.D. programs in English.


Memorial University of Newfoundland offers Ph.D. degrees in such fields as ethnomusicology, theoretical physics, cognitive and behavioural ecology and folklore. All Ph.D. programs at Memorial University are in English.

Nova Scotia

Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia provides students a choice of 42 Ph.D. programs, all taught in English. St. Mary's University also teaches its three Ph.D. programs (astronomy, business administration and industrial/organizational psychology) in English.


With 20 Ph.D. granting universities, Ontario has more Ph.D. offerings than any other province. Ontario's Ph.D. universities are (along with the languages in which Ph.D. degrees are offered): Brock University (English), Carleton University (English), Dominican University College (English and French), University of Guelph (English), Lakehead University (English), Laurentian University of Sudbury (English and French), McMaster University (English), University of Ontario Institute of Technology (English), University of Ottawa (English and French), Queen's University (English), Royal Military College of Canada (English and French), Ryerson University (English), University of St. Michael's College (English), Saint Paul University (English and French), University of Toronto (English), Trent University (English), University of Trinity College (English), Victoria University (English), University of Waterloo (English) and the University of Western Ontario (English).

Prince Edward Island

The University of Prince Edward Island offers five Ph.D. degrees: biomedical sciences, health management, pathology and microbiology, educational studies and companion animals. All degrees are offered in English.


The province of Québec has the largest number of universities where Ph.D. degrees are offered exclusively in French. Québec's Ph.D. granting institutions are Concordia University (English), HEC Montréal (French), Université Laval (French), McGill University (English), Université de Montréal (French), Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal (French), Université de Quebéc (ten campuses; all courses in French) and Université de Sherbrooke (French).


Both the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan provide Ph.D. study in English. The University of Regina has 15 Ph.D. programs, while the University of Saskatchewan has 49 Ph.D. offerings.

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