Learning English through songs is possible when you are prepared to supplement the songs with other materials, such as grammar study books, a dictionary and a textbook. Songs are effective for memorizing new words, phrases and sentence structures. However, songs do not explain the word order or why a certain word has been used instead of another word. Still, music and songs are effective in spontaneous language acquisition, without much effort on the part of the learner.

Find the lyrics of your favorite English songs. You can search a song by its name or artist. Alternatively, find children's songs, as they typically have a simpler vocabulary.

Translate one song at a time, word by word. Use an online or paper dictionary to find the words' definitions. If you find an unfamiliar grammar structure, use a grammar book to find the grammar rule that explains it.

Listen to the song. Try to learn the lyrics and sing the tune together with the artist. If you have a karaoke system, sing the song without the artist.

Come up with your own sentences that use the grammar structures and new words you have learned from the song. Also, revise the lyrics of the songs you have learned in the past.

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