If you are a kid who wants to learn Spanish, you may want to be able to talk with native speakers in your family or in your circle of friends. Or, you may be preparing for a trip abroad and you want to know how to read, write and speak Spanish during your travels. You can learn Spanish for free if you are motivated to follow lesson plans and practice reading, writing and speaking the language on a regular basis.

Go to the Learn 4 Good: Free Online Spanish Lessons for Children for Learning Spanish website (see Resources). Click on the "Spanish Colors" link, which will open a page of colors labeled with their English names. Click on a color, and its Spanish name will appear, along with a voice pronouncing it for you. Return to the main page and click on other beginning lessons, such as "Numbers" and "Verbs."

Visit the 123 Teach Me: Learn Spanish Free site (see Resources). You will see self-study Spanish courses for all student levels, and resources for kids of every age. Bookmark this site in your browser so you can return to it every day for consistent, repetitive study. For example, there is a word of the day, verb of the day and phrase of the day that you can practice with. In the "Spanish for Kids" section, you will find pages for the alphabet, memory games, grammar for kids, and conversation resources. Click on the "Songs and Lyrics" link to hear Spanish songs and read the lyrics. Use the sentence flashcards to help you learn Spanish language structure.

Go to the SpanishTown: Spanish For Kids website (see Resources). There are more than 1,000 pages of free Spanish lessons for you to explore. Start with beginner Spanish lessons, such as "Grade 1 Spanish Vocabulary," "Spanish Present Tense," and beginner crossword puzzles. Click on the link for "Spanish Greetings" to get acquainted with how to say common phrases, such as "Good morning," "Good afternoon," and "How are you?" Other useful lessons for a kid learning beginning Spanish include "Shapes in Spanish" and "Parts of the Body." As your Spanish improves, you can advance to learning higher-grade-level verbs, and specialized vocabulary, such as words to use in the home, playground and at the ocean.

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