If you have made it to adulthood and don’t know how to read, it can really affect your life. You may have a hard time getting a job, managing your money or even reviewing a lease or loan application. However, admitting that you can’t read can be embarrassing and you may feel that there isn’t any help available for you. Knowing how to learn to read for free is the step up you need to get past this barrier and gain the reading fluency you have always wanted.

Decide that you are ready. Learning to read requires time and a commitment to practice consistently. Make sure you are really ready to begin. This will make it more likely that you will succeed.

Contact your local library and ask about adult literacy programs. Often public libraries will have their own reading program or will be able to provide you with information about reading programs in your area.

Ask your local social services office for resources. Many social workers will have fliers or information about literacy programs in their service area.

Go online for more resources. Search online for adult literacy programs. There are federal grants to help fund many non-profits that teach adults how to read.

Take the first step. Once you find a program that will work for you, go ahead and sign up and attend the first class or session. Focus on your end goal and commit for the long haul.

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