Located in Manhattan Beach and founded in 1963, Kingsborough Community College is part of the massive City University of New York college system. KCC has a strong reputation for its liberal arts and vocational programs, and it provides students relatively small faculty-to-student ratios. The school outlines its admission requirements on its website.

Freshmen Application

Freshmen applicants to KCC must complete an application and submit a non-refundable $65 processing fee to the University Application Processing Center. Along with your application, you must request that your high school send an official transcript that denotes your graduation date. Alternatively, you can submit your GED diploma that includes your exam scores. No specific grades are mentioned for eligibility.

Transfer Application

Kingsborough also receives a number of transfer applications each year. The basic requirements are similar. However, a transfer applicant must submit official college transcripts from every previous school along with an official high school transcript. The requirement for the high school transcript is waived for transfer applicants that have already completed at least 24 hours of college-level credits. Again, no specific GPA is denoted. The transfer application fee is a bit higher, at $75.

Additional Requirements

The only other specific requirement mentioned on the school's website is that you submit proof of immunization for MMR. Additionally, applicants who aren't U.S. citizens must provide proof of their immigration status when applicable. For instance, a student with a "green card," or a permanent legal resident, might have to submit this documentation to gain admission. Certain degree programs may have additional academic or eligibility requirements for applicants.

International Students

International students face additional application requirements. This point is true for any applicant who completed high school outside the U.S. First, you must complete the application with your legal or official name. Proof of MMR immunization and official certification are required for any international student born in or after 1957. Unofficial high school transcripts in the home country language with official English translation are required. The biggest additional burden for an international applicant, though, is often to complete the Test of English As a Foreign Language to show English proficiency, which is necessary for college success.

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