Aviation topics can span several categories, and contain several subsets. Your topic should cater to your presentation audience; college students may be interested in career opportunities in commercial or military aviation, while senior citizens may enjoy historical aircraft restoration or historical figures. Frequent business travelers may be more interested in commercial airline topics, such as safety issues. Get as much information as possible about the purpose of your presentation and audience to help you provide meaningful information.

Commercial Airline Safety

Structural integrity of commercial airlines made the news in 2011.
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In 2011, a section of a Southwest Airlines commercial airliner peeled away as it climbed above Arizona, reigniting concerns of airline structural integrity that arose when a similar incident occurred in an Aloha Airlines aircraft in 1988. The similarities of the accident occurring in two 737s reawakened concerns on aging airplanes and manufacturing standards. The National Transportation Safety Board is responsible for investigating airline accidents, and has called on the Federal Aviation Administration to be more proactive on retiring aging airplanes. Your presentation can take a look at current guidelines, proposed changes, and what manufacturers such as Boeing are saying about this issue.

Personal Aviation Careers

A personal pilot's license can lead to an aviation career.
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Individuals can obtain a personal pilot’s license (PPL) that is like a driver’s license for the sky. In addition to flying for pleasure, once you have your PPL and a suitable airplane, you can pursue other careers, such as tour or sightseeing guide, crop-dusting, providing private transportation or even working as an instructor at a flight school. Your presentation can detail the steps and requirements necessary for obtaining the PPL, including any annual re-certification requirements and profiles of small plane pilots who have found new careers in personal aviation.

Aviation Pioneers

Anyone with a passion for aviation is interested in aviation history, including pioneers of flight. Many of these figures have interesting personal stories that make good presentation material, such as transatlantic flight pioneer Charles Lindbergh; the mysterious disappearance of Amelia Earhart; and the adventurous flights of Charles Yeager. In addition to the historical interest, your presentation can highlight the significance of these pioneers, and how their individual contributions directly impact modern aviation.

Historical Restoration

Airplane restoration can offer riveting stories about old planes and their owners.
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The interest in historical aircraft and restoration is evident at the numerous aircraft shows that take place around the country. Personal stories on the challenges of aircraft restoration can give your presentation a riveting human element, such as the history of the plane restored, as well as the pilot restoring it. The restoration efforts do not have to be on military aircraft; many small, personal airplanes have been restored and original owners traced, who are then able to fly in the same aircraft they flew decades earlier. Researching the process of restoration and challenges encountered can offer you some excellent presentation material.

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