Writing an essay on transportation problems is a generally easy and simple task. When writing your essay, it is very important to be clear about what your transportation problem is and what suggestions and/or solutions that you may have. Providing a good example of your transportation problem is also a must, as it will help your reader understand your frustrations. An essay that has clarity and examples makes a convincing read.

Writing an Essay on Transportation Problems

Construct and develop your thesis for your essay on transportation problems. You can place the thesis in the beginning of your opening paragraph, in the middle or use it as your last sentence. Your thesis should be the main emphasis of your essay and reflect its main idea. For instance, if your essay is dealing with transportation problems at a busy intersection, your thesis could be that the busy intersection is dangerous and that a traffic light needs to be installed for safety concerns. Your thesis can really be anything you want it to be, as long as it is relevant to your transportation problems essay.

Write the body paragraphs of your transportation essay using pertinent examples regarding your transportation problems. There is no better way to help convince your reader of your point than by providing relevant examples, especially regarding transportation problems. Most drivers have been annoyed by transportation issues, whether they were construction delays, dangerous intersections, heavy traffic or bad drivers. It is important to provide good examples in your essay so you can illustrate your perspective. You might want to support your thesis with information from your local, state or federal transportation departments.

Write the conclusion of your essay using your suggestions for improving the transportation problems highlighted in your essay. The conclusion is important, as you want to leave the reader with a good impression. By incorporating your ideas into the conclusion, the reader will be impressed with your proposed transportation improvements, which will help make your essay stand out. The conclusion will, ideally, be supportive of your thesis and help tie the essay together.

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