Industrial maintenance is an attractive career path for people who enjoy fixing things and desire the opportunity to be a problem-solver in industrial production. If you’re interested in working in industrial maintenance, or are an entry-level worker and want to move up the ladder, further training may enhance your career opportunities. Free training is available to help you learn more about new equipment, cutting edge practices, and new innovations in safety. A variety of course options are available in online and in-class formats.

Lifetime Reliability Institute

The Lifetime Reliability Institute provides free online training accessible through YouTube. After filling out a request form, you can view 14 hours of training created by experts in maintenance management. Online articles are also available through the institute. Some training subjects include human error prevention, reliability improvement, risk monitoring, life cycle risk reduction and machinery risk reduction. Training is open to anyone interested.

Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council

The Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council offers a series of free classes in industrial maintenance training. Taking 240 hours of training courses, you can earn an industrial maintenance certificate. Subjects include mechanical power transmission, electrical controls, industrial safety, fluid power, welding, boiler engineering, programmable logic controls and interpersonal skills. Upon completing the program, you’ll receive career services assistance to help you find relevant employment.

Business Industrial Network Online University

Free online industrial maintenance training is available through Business Industrial Network Online University. Courses are offered throughout the year and include topics such as safety, industrial maintenance, OSHA certification, industrial electricity, power generation and alternative energy options, industrial instrumentation, and machine shop. A course in radio-frequency identification technology is also offered.

Electrical Construction & Maintenance Web Training

The Electrical Construction & Maintenance organization offers free online training to enhance your knowledge of industrial maintenance. Some subjects include asset management strategies, electrical reliability, introduction to vibration, motor system management, root cause analysis, world class compress air, steam system basics and precision alignment. New topics are added each week.

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