Technology's far-reaching impact touches just about everything in society, and informative speeches about technology can help audiences understand that influence. Speakers can rely on government research, data and studies as well as articles that appear in newspapers, magazines and in the broadcast media to inform their speech. Since informative speeches are meant to educate audiences, speakers should avoid persuasive or argumentative language.


Informative speeches about technology can focus on consumer issues such as trends and how-to demonstrations. Examining the trends of what people buy and how much they will spend can make great speech topics regarding just about any technological gadget. Speakers can inform audiences about the popular features people look for and how much they will pay for the latest technology to hit the market. Speakers may also choose to demonstrate a product they are familiar with; it gives speakers the opportunity to talk about how something works. Topics can also look at the history of technology and its evolution in certain sectors such as cell phones, personal listening devices, home computers and televisions.


Technology speeches about security can include topics about identity theft, virus protection and cyber security. Speeches about identity theft can inform audiences about how to avoid becoming a victim and how to check to see if someone stole their identity. Informative speeches can also cover virus protection software and types of Internet viruses. Cyber security topics can include the growth of experts needed in the field and its connection to homeland security and the corporate world. Speeches can also focus on educating people in cyber security, telling them where to get schooling in cyber security, possible careers and salary range.


Ethical topics in technology can focus on a number of areas where people use computers that raise ethical questions. Speeches can focus using photo manipulation software to alter photographs that change the way people appear including their face, body shape, the clothes they wear and even the setting of the actual photograph and portray it as an accurate representation of fact. Topics can also cover using the Internet to plagiarize research papers and information found in newspaper or magazine articles.


Giving a speech about technology and society can cover topics such as social media and lifestyle topics. Speeches about social media can include the types of social media websites available and how to use those websites to find old high school friends, long lost family members and even how to make the most of its existence for a business, community group or as a public relations tool. Topics about lifestyle can include how technology makes life easier, including looking for a job, shopping, researching information, personal banking and even playing games.

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