High school bulletin boards can be both fun and educational. Interactive bulletin boards can be tools to encourage students to express their individual thoughts and talents within the school community. By allowing students to participate in their creation, high school bulletin boards no longer have to remain a task solely for teachers.

Name That Tune

Get high school students involved in music with this creative musical bulletin board. The background of this board consists of one to two lines of empty music bars. Draw and cut out musical notes from pieces of construction paper and place them along the bars to create the music to a popular or familiar song. Tape an envelope to the bottom corner of the board. During the week, encourage students to write their guesses of the name of the song on slips of paper with their names, and place them in the envelope. At the end of the week, remove the papers and announce the winners.

Question of the Week

This interactive bulletin board is designed to promote problem solving and creative thinking in high school students. At the beginning of each week, cover the bulletin board with sheets of blank paper and hang a thought-provoking question at the top. Encourage students to think about the question and write their answers on the bulletin board's paper. Form questions about topics such as current events, school improvements and future goals.

Support the Team

Promote school spirit and activity participation with this bulletin board idea. Decorate a hallway bulletin board using the school's colors, and include a picture of the school's mascot. Hang a monthly calender on the board that contains the dates, times and locations of all sports events. Write scores and add newspaper clippings about each team to the board as the games occur. Leave an open space on the board for the high school students to write words of support for their teams.

Student Body Collage

This interactive bulletin board gives high school students a chance to express themselves. Cover a hallway bulletin board with blank paper. Allow students to draw pictures or glue magazine cutouts to the paper-covered bulletin board. Encourage students to share their talents and interests by contributing to the collage. Once finished, the collage will be a piece of art that represents the students both as individuals and as a collective student body.

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