Credit the right side of your brain if you are artistically gifted, good at spatial perception and skilled in the synthesis of information to see the big picture. Blame the right side of your brain if you feel deficient in any of these fields. Enhance your right brain function with a variety of creativity building exercises.

Take advantage of visual games, such as those at, to stimulate your visual perception. While many Internet-based games are colorful, Lumosity features games scientifically tested and shown to increase cognitive function.

Complete drawing exercises, such as the one taken from "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards. You will better understand how left brain function can interfere with right brain activities.

Assemble jigsaw puzzles as a tool to exercise spatial perception (how the pieces relate to each other), color and shape analysis, and synthesis (how the pieces relate to the final picture). Although a simplistic tool, a jigsaw puzzle provides a variety of stimuli to enhance right brain function, which "functions in a non-verbal manner and excels in visual, spatial, perceptual and intuitive information," according to Michael Pitek of The Performance Group.

Practice with measuring tools to strengthen your understanding of distances and improve your ability to estimate spatial relationships. Find personal tools to help you estimate distances. How long is your arm, from shoulder to fingertip? From elbow to fingertip? Your hand from wrist to fingertip? How wide is your footprint? How long? How long is your stride?

On the next level, how many strides wide is your living room? How many hands long is your automobile? Relate what you know to what you are trying to measure to build spatial awareness, an important aspect of right brain function, according to

View the ever-shifting designs of a kaleidoscope. Can you make a connection between your movement and the change of pattern? Try to predict the effect of your next action on the image before you.

Go cloud watching. The childhood game of looking for shapes in the clouds exercises the imagination, one of the "12 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Brain," from Shilpan Patel of Success Soul.

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