As children develop socially, it is especially important for them to learn teamwork skills. This can be accomplished in preschool settings, where peer-to-peer communication can be learned by simply having fun and making friends. And parents or teachers can use activities such as Crossover, Molehill and Dirt Pudding to help children understand the value of teamwork.


Crossover is an educational tool that also will keep your preschoolers laughing. The game builds problem-solving skills and helps young children work together to reach a goal. To play Crossover, you'll need two pieces of cardboard that are 5 feet long by 6 inches wide. Line up the two pieces of cardboard to make one, 10-foot-long piece, which will be your bridge. Tape the cardboard pieces to the floor so they don't slide. Put a toddler at each end of the bridge, facing each other. The objective is to cross the bridge at the same time--without stepping off the cardboard. To do this, the two children must work together to solve the problem.


Molehill is a fun teamwork and trust-building activity for preschoolers. You'll need a blindfold and a chair. Also, clear the room of any obstacles, so there are no trips or falls. Pair toddlers up; one will be the mole and the other will be the guide. The mole wears the blindfold, and the guide directs the mole to the chair--the mole hill--by giving verbal directions. The goal is for the toddlers to help each other find and sit on the molehill.

Dirt Pudding

Dirt Pudding is a simple cooking activity that teaches children to work together. They'll use several ingredients to create a treat that they get to eat. You'll need instant chocolate pudding mix, the ingredients listed on the box, chocolate cookies and gummy worms. The amounts of ingredients depend on the number of children involved. You will also need bowls and spoons for each pair of toddlers. Premeasure the ingredients. Then pair up toddlers and have them take turns mixing the pudding, smashing the cookies into crumbs and adding the gummy worms. Everything gets stirred together, creating a bowl of "dirt" with delicious "worms" on top. Making Dirt Pudding will help preschoolers learn how to work together and to take turns.

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