High school geometry projects can help students apply theoretical concepts to real life applications of geometry. This not only helps students understand and remember principles of geometry but also stimulates their interest and their desire to continue studying mathematics and science subjects. Teachers can also use advanced high school projects as a stepping stone between high school and college to help students get used to college-level expectations and skills in a high school environment.

Create a Dome

Geometry is widely used in the construction industry. Use your knowledge of geometry to analyze the model plans and construction details of a construction which uses a dome. For example, you can study the shape of the Epcot Center in Orlando, one of the most famous geodesic domes in the world, and build a scale model for your classroom.

Geometry of Space

Read articles and textbooks on the geometry of space and prepare a presentation on the current understanding of the shape of the universe. Use models and other visual aids to help you explain this complex subject to your audience. For instance, draw a mural that illustrates how a two-dimensional bug could deduce whether it lived on a plane or a sphere and explain how we can use similar principles to study our universe.

Origami and Geometry

Origami is an art that relies heavily on the study of geometry to create complex and beautiful objects from paper and cardboard. Study the principles behind origami and the construction of geometric shapes from paper. Create several origami samples in various stages of construction to illustrate what you have learned and explain how origami plans are designed.


Fractals are a beautiful subset of geometry which use numbers and equations to generate complex and beautiful patterns with infinite levels of complexity. Learn what role fractals play in nature and how they are constructed using iterations. Attempt to write the necessary code to build fractals using a basic programming language, such as Fortran, or a custom-made fractal generator (see Resources).

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