Although each person uses both the right and the left side of the brain, most people favor one side over the other. This is often referred to as a "personality trait," but it really boils down to which side of the brain is used. There are tests for kids to help them understand how the brain works and which side they currently use more than the other.

About Right And Left Brain

While some kids are "whole-brained" and use both sides equally, it is theorized that most will use one side over the other. This is determined by recognizing how they think about certain things. Right-brained kids are typically more random, intuitive, subjective and creative. Left-brained kids will be logical, rational, analytical and sequential.

Make Your Own Test

To test kids on whether they use the right brain, left brain or whole brain, make up a test with two choices of theoretical circumstances and allow them to mark one or the other. For instance one scenario might be, "I have good self-discipline" and "I usually act on my feelings." A child using his left brain would most likely circle "having good self-discipline." whereas a right-brain child would act on her feelings.

Brain Lesson

Before having the kids take the test to determine whether they are right-brained or left-brained, have a classroom lesson about the different modes and functions of the brain. It is helpful to have a plastic brain mold the kids can pass around and explore. Explain brain dominance and how people differ in the way they think and analyze situations. Give the kids a questionnaire following the lesson about brain activity that lets them recognize the difference between right-brain characteristics and personalities versus left-brain.

Using Both Right and Left Brain

Knowing which side of the brain the kids are using most often allows them to train themselves to use both sides of the brain. This allows the opportunity to expand their minds and use both logical and creative thinking with each obstacle in their path. For instance, if a child is right-brained, he might practice using logical and analytical thinking as well as the random thinking he is used to. A left-brained child should begin using images and visualization for scenarios and pick up hobbies that use creativity.

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