More and more schools have instituted uniforms to cut down on expense, gang activity and discipline problems. Uniforms also make economic class differences less visible. If choices are available within the uniform guidelines, most students will find something they feel comfortable wearing. A uniform tells a lot about a school, so make sure your uniform is stylish and distinct.

Choosing Uniforms

Check out a uniform company's catalog. Because of the numerous styles and fabrics available, you will most likely be able to find something that is already being manufactured instead of designing the whole uniform from scratch. Be sure you choose a company that offers slim, regular, husky, short and tall sizes.

Research other local schools' uniforms, and stay away from similar styles and fabrics. Incorporate your school's colors into your uniforms. Darker colors and plaids are the easiest fabrics to care for because they don't show dirt. Also, make sure you choose durable fabric, with reinforced knees and pockets.

Choose tops that can be worn by boys and girls. This makes hand-me-downs an option for large families. Polo shirts are a good choice because they go well with skirts, shorts and pants and are popular with students. Make them available in several colors. Include long-sleeved options for winter.

Pick pants, shorts, skirts and skorts in the same color. Khaki or navy blue are good solids that go well with most plaids. While the pants may look the same for girls and boys, they will be cut differently to accommodate male and female body shapes. Girls may also have the option of having a plaid jumper, skirt or skort.

Decide whether your school will have a dress uniform. Dress uniforms might consist of the same pants but white oxford shirts, blazers and ties, for boys and girls.

Choose physical education uniforms that are practical, comfortable and modest. A tee shirt and gym shorts embossed with a school logo work well. Tennis shoes and white socks should be included in the P.E. uniform.

Provide outerwear options, such as button-down sweaters, V-neck sweaters, fleece vests or sweatshirts for girls and boys. Lastly, don't forget belts, shoes, socks and hair accessories.


The school's logo or crest can also be embroidered or pressed onto shirts, jackets and blazers for a more polished or upscale look.

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