Homecoming is an exciting time of year that brings everyone together to show school spirit and get excited about the upcoming big game. One fun way to show your school spirit is to decorate your car. Decorating a car is easy and lets you be as creative as you would like.

Apply shoe polish in your school's colors. Shake the polish container and write on the windows of your car. Write your school initials, the year and other fun and celebratory messages. Or draw your mascot and other pictures.

Hang a stuffed animal that resembles your mascot from the rearview mirror. Add more stuffed animals or cutouts of your mascot on the dashboard or in the space directly below the window behind the back seat.

Choose streamers in your school's colors and cut 20 strips, each 16 inches long. If your car has a bumper that you can tie things on, tie each strip to the bumper, so the strips hang off and will fly up as the car moves. If your bumper isn't designed so that the streamers can be tied to it, tape the streamers to the back of the car so they still hang off and fly up. You might want to open your trunk and tape them along the edge, so they hang out when the trunk is closed.

Attach an antennae topper to your car's antennae.


Choose items that fit the theme and color scheme for your homecoming. Use your school colors to decorate.


Be sure that the shoe polish you choose is not permanent.

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